The first mode of communication that I would like share with you is telepathy.

The ability to communicate by sharing thoughts with another by using only the mind is known as, telepathy. It is commonly used with small infants when we ‘know’ what they need. The use of telepathy is identifiable when we become familiar with what another person’s needs or wants are without any verbal or non-verbal clue whatsoever. I have some personal accounts of telepathy that I would like to share.

My mother was gravely ill with cancer. One day, I felt this ominous sense that something bad was happening. I could not tell what it was. At that moment, I got a call from my sister telling me our mother had just passed away. This is a classic example of telepathy.

When I played quarterback on my high school football team, I would get an ominous sense when an opposing lineman would be closing in on me as I dropped back to pass. I knew that I had to run for my life or I would have been injured or the play would not have been successful.

I remember being five years old and playing baseball with my cousins. As all young kids do, I was swinging a baseball bat and pretending to hit a homerun. Suddenly, an ominous feeling came over me which I could not understand, but I swung anyway. I did not know it at the time, but my cousin (who was about my age) was running around the corner of the bungalow we were living in. Fate did not happen in his favor as I connected the bat with his head. I knocked him out for a second, but fortunately he was ok. That was not the ‘home run’ I imagined I was going to hit.

Telepathy can be ‘communicated with or without words. It can be identified when you ‘automatically’ know how to respond to another person, you have a sense of what is happening with them and words are not needed. You simultaneously have the same sense together of what is going on. It is a natural process that is very effective in communicating our needs. How has telepathy made a difference in your life?