I have been practicing Psychiatry as a successful private practitioner for decades. During that time, I have seen a large variety of patients and been impressed with the huge amount of progress my field has made in helping patients and gaining acceptance from the public. However, my viewpoint has been that to be more successful, we must become much more integrated into the fabric of the lives of everyone. The field of mental health needs to be part of everyone’s daily life, not held in the back room of a specialist. It needs to be part of the accepted language we use in our interactions with family, friends, and community. People need to apply its principles to improve everyone’s lives. It is this goal that I seek to be part of an effort to achieve and my book is a pioneering effort in implementing that goal.


 I discovered the work of the psychoanalyst, John Bowlby, who worked in England during the 1950’s through 1980’s.  His contributions launched a new era of treatment. He presented the notion of an established relationship between mother and infant.  This connection is the building blocks upon which psychological treatment had to be constructed. He brought people from many disciplines of biopsychosocial research into answering the question of how and why people attach with one another in the way that they do.  What was discovered through this research lead us on a new and very exciting path in which we can see the birth of the human being from roots into a biological being. It is from this theory that my own research took hold.


From several decades of intense research, we have learned that the brain is a powerhouse. If we fail to connect with those around us, this powerhouse gets stunted in its growth and our quality of life fails. Once we reconnect with others, the growth resumes. The secret for a positive quality of life is based on our new nerve growth in the regions of our brain which had stopped growing.


I knew I had to find ways of restarting this “powerhouse,” once it had become stunted.  I am not alone, there are many mental health professionals who have joined forces to develop this new field.  Among the most major contributors have been Daniel Siegal, MD, Allan Schore, Ph.D, Herbert Benson, MD, and many others.

As an entrepreneur and business leader, I developed a business that provided mental health care to a misunderstood and underserved population of individuals in need of treatment.  I began Midwest Mental Health Care Providers, Inc., because I believed there was a need to provide training to professionals working with mentally ill patients residing in nursing homes.  Through extensive training, these providers were able to successfully treat the nursing home residents and transition from living in nursing homes to pursing active lives on their own. The business grew to encompass 20 separate locations employing over 100 mental health professionals. Over the course of ten years, it grew into the largest mental health company in the Midwest.


As a physician, I am aware of the enormous population of people who are unable to obtain proper care or unaware of the resources available to them. The ultimate purpose of this book and the series of books to follow is to inform and integrate mental health care into the lives of everyday people.

Dr. Marty Fields is an entrepreneur and business leader
Dr. Marty Fields has taught Psychiatric resident at many prominent universities

As a teacher, I have been involved in the training of Psychiatric residents at the University of Illinois and Loyola, have taught Psychology master’s level and doctoral level students from the Illinois and Chicago Schools for Professional Psychology, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois and Rush University and master’s level social work students from University of Chicago and University of Illinois. I developed the largest doctoral and master’s level practicum site for training students in the treatment of the chronic mentally ill patients in the Midwest. I was one of the principle teachers in the program which took place in downtown Chicago for three years. I have also taught Psychiatry to students in Podiatric Medicine for the University of Illinois I taught high school teachers about child mental illness disorders in a series of lectures for the Livingston County Teachers Association in Illinois.

As an innovator my book is a totally new approach to treatment which will help many more people that cannot be reached with current treatments. This book is a totally new way of understanding mental illness treatment. It is a way of bringing mental illness treatment out of the consultation room and into the daily lives of individuals. This change in orientation is needed. We are beyond the stage in which we can believe a ‘pill’ can fix everything.

Dr. Marty Fields book is a new approach to treatment