Dr. Fields listens and responds to concerns and requests for help. Though he is extremely busy,he makes every patient feel as if he/she is his only patient. He is a highly trained and astute doctor, yet very generous and gentle man—quite a special combination in the medical field.

He has helped me through a dark period in my life. With his help and correct medication, I am doing great. Honestly, he saved my life and I am forever grateful for him. Best doctor I have ever had.

Excellent listening skills—astute in gathering a wide range of information, then carefully presenting how it relates to diagnosis, life events, decisions and actions of the person in therapy—but not in a directive manner.

Dr. Fields is the type of doctor that truly listens to you and your situation and gives you different ways to handling the problems in ways you would never think of. He truly cares about my current problems. He treats me as if I were his only patient.

Dr. Fields has helped me with progress and understanding of my condition and in interpreting my thoughts and dealing with others.

I feel very fortunate to have a Harvard trained doctor.

I would tell anyone how great Dr. Fields is and how thoughtful he is about all my problems. All I can say is he is a super doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Fields!

I have been often involved clinically with the process of placement of these individuals and Dr. Fields has been instrumental in assuring the best outcomes.

I have consulted Martin Fields, M.D. for my medical patient’s psychiatric needs for over 10 years. He has always been attentive to their needs and has done his best to help them. He has never refused to see a patient and always takes his workups and treatments to completion. He never leaves us in a lurch. ~Steven DiSanti, D.O.

Our cardiac surgery program continues to get busier each year. Dr. Fields has always been able to see the patients.  In fact, he has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. He has been more responsive than any other psychiatrist that I have worked with over the years. And my patients appreciate his care. Most of them come back to the office after the hospitalization, and remark kindly on his care. – David G. Cable, Director of Cardiovascular Surgery

Dr Fields has a blend of western medical knowledge, superior, combined with cutting edge technology, based in traditional Chinese medicine that has produced a successful pain treatment program not available anywhere else.  It has given me a quality of life I never could have imagined.

Dr. fields offers more than simply clinical and professional expertise, he works in concert with a wide variety of physicians and clinicians who rely heavily on his guidance, which he delivers with grace, humor and authority.  The frosting on the cake is his compassion and advocacy for individuals who are often are the most vulnerable times of their lives. – Mark Dunklau, Caseworker

Thank you for taking such good care of our patients we have referred to you. They have all done well under your care as their psychiatrist. ~Thomas L. Michalsen, D.O.

Dr. Fields is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of complicated and daunting psychiatric and neurological disorders.  He has treated countless, intensely mentally ill individuals much to their benefit.

I’ve worked for Dr. Fields for over six years now and am still in awe of how dedicated he is to helping his patients. It’s never too late in the day for him to call someone back, nor is his schedule too full to see someone in need. Dr. Fields is truly a great and compassionate doctor.

Dr. Fields is professional, compassionate, and offers suggestions for improvement and life changes. He is not hesitant to ask the hard questions and gives positive praise when due.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Fields expertise and experience has been pivotal in helping our team care for the most complex and ill patients. Many have severe psychiatric issues and Dr. Fields’ input often is a critical part of their care. ~Trent Barnhart, MD, Director of Hospice and Palliative Care and Post-Acute Care

Dr. Fields’ work is truly original. There is nothing else in print that compares. His attachment-based theories are just as useful in clinical settings as they are in day-to-day life. His self-disclosure and added humor make for an entertaining and educational reading experience. ~Melissa Young, Psy.D.

Working with Dr. Fields for the past 10 years has been a wonderful experience. The care and dedication he provides not only his patients, but also to his staff is second to none. He is an insightful and forward-thinking physician who has made great contributions to the lives of those around him. ~Julie T., Office Manager

Dr. Fields values his team and is an exceptionally collaborative psychiatrist. As our lone provider, he works tirelessly side by side with social work and all disciplines in the acute care hospital setting to identify and meet the needs of our patients. ~Karen Gessner, LCSW, ACM